7 Secrets to Avoid Gaining Weight

  1. Must burn more than you take in. The amount of calories you need depend on both your body characteristics and the things you do during the day. If you live on freezing weather you will need lots of calories just to keep warm, or if you are a high-performance athlete you need fuel to perform. So eat light and exercise a little unless you have specific reasons to do otherwise. You exercise routine does not need to be heavy but it must be steady and regular. Include stretching, start always with a warm up and end with a cool down appropriate to the intensity of what you do. With a little imagination you normal daily routine might be enough.
  2. Have breakfast. A good breakfast is essential; you can perform better and be less hungry during the day. Lunch and supper should be light meals. To start the day with a good breakfast will put discipline and order in your life and a natural consequence will be an appropriate weight.
  3. Eat balanced meals. The food you eat should provide all necessary nutrients without excess calories. Combine colors and textures and have generous portions of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Drink lots of water. Drink water and unsweetened tea. Use tea as a snack. Don’t drink soft drinks or other sugar-loaded beverages.
  5. Don’t buy junk. Do not buy junk food at all. If you have in the house, you will eat it.
  6. Measure. Keep track of your weight and what you eat but do not overemphasize calorie counting. If you try always to eat a balanced meal and go light on the fats you should be alright. The key is not to overeat.
  7. Have a hobby. Do not use food as time filler, do something with your life. Having a positive self image will help you control your weight and the overall quality of your life will improve. If you make food an issue it would be harder to control it. It’s best to put your energies and focus on something positive instead of try to offset negatives.

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