Kill everyone in China

It was meant to be a comedy segment, poking fun at childish politicians.

Jimmy Kimmel Live found itself in hot water after a remark during the Kid’s Table section of the show when one youngster joked about ‘killing everyone in China’ and its network ABC has now apologized.

The unscripted remark came during the October 16 segment where the comedian gathers six and seven-year-old children to ask their opinions on the current political and economic issues faced by the United States.

Sitting around a table, with all of the kids dressed in suits, Jimmy asked: ‘America owes a lot of money to China, $1.3 trillion. How should we pay them back?’

One child answered, ‘Nuke them, Kill everyone in China’. Curious enough there was a Chinese girl in the panel voting for the annihilation of the Chinese. Another girl remarked “if we try to kill them, they will try to kill us” to which the Chinese girl replied “But they will be already dead“.

It just shows that children learn from their surroundings. US is a violent society with killings a normal happening. A natural choice for the next generation. Hardly funny, though.

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