Being and Time


Every attempt of the human race to impose on nature by technology seems to always result in the paradox of achieving the opposite of what is sought. Modern technology provides the possibility of 24×7 worldwide connections with an ever expanding circle of acquaintances. Yet it seems people feel more isolated than ever. A trending and recurring topic in social media is the superficiality and impersonality of social media interactions. People that claim to be above the lure of Facebook daily post what they have for lunch and their exercise routines. It is curious, because what one have for lunch is the essence of life, but the symbol of the thing is not the thing, and the sharing of the symbol is no the sharing of the thing. That’s the core of our problems with meaning: our inability to distinguish between symbols and reality. Moreover, the oversupply of self-help book that demand of all of us an optimal use of our time to reach perfection and success, leave us with no time for authentic being.

Being, Heidegger claims in Being and Time, is “what determines beings as beings, that in terms of which beings are already understood.” In Heidegger’s view, fundamental ontology would be an explanation of the understanding preceding any other way of knowing. There is no access to being other than via beings themselves—hence pursuing the question of being inevitably means asking about a being with regard to its being. Heidegger concludes his work with a set of enigmatic questions foreshadowing the necessity of destruction of the history of philosophy: Is there a way leading from primordial time to the meaning of being? Does time itself reveal itself as the horizon of being?

But technology is not the source of the banality of our lives, rather it provides the opportunity for furious, socially sanctified, activity in which to drown our angst.

Do you remember an old Bruce Springsteen song called Glory Days? The lyrics tell the tale of three people who look back on times gone by with longing. The last verse goes like this: Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of, well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days.

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