Young Earth Creationism

A belief in Young Earth Creationism or any other fundamentalist religion is not predicated on low IQ tests or SAT scores. Their insistence that the female form was created from the plucked rib of man and that the creation of every single living organism we see around us took 144 hours does not come from a place of malice or stubborn opposition to scientific truth. They come from a place of fear. Because it is a dangerous and terrifying thing to step out from behind the dogmatic Walls of Jericho and expose yourself to the unremitting torrent of human existence without the absolute certainty of God’s word to protect you. To look at scripture as an imperfect document, focusing on its moral teachings and overarching views on spiritual life—as Thomas Jefferson did with the Gospels—or to seek out a spiritual connection apart from organized religion is to remove the infallibility of your beliefs. To reject the idea of a god or higher power completely forces you to consider your own existence as a finite one, devoid of divine care and defined only by the actions you make while on this earth—actions that will have no impact on the singular finality of death.


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