Who Are We Fighting Anyway? The Origins of Labor Day & a Scab’s Eye View of a Union Strike

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In 1894, America was in the midst of what was then the largest depression in its young history. Amidst all of the Sturm und Drang of the Second Industrial Revolution, the railroad industry had overextended itself and a flood of new rail was being laid down in quantities that far exceeded the amount of cash they had pay for it. When the railroad bubble burst, there was a huge run on banks and the market, along with people’s savings, began to shrivel. Unemployment rates were climbing as high as 17-19% and industry was struggling. However, as industry limped along, the labor movement began to pick up steam. 1894 saw the first organized march on Washington with Coxey’s Army of unemployed protestors, as well asmajor strikes by bituminous coal miners all across the country, tailors in New York, and—most significantly—the striking of thousands of railroad workers employed by the…

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