weekend warriors


It is not clear what to do about climate change or even if there is anything that can be done at this time.

Climate change is a problem that cannot be solved by week-end protests. But regardless of the ignorance of the weekend warriors, climate change is a real problem, not in the future, but today. Maybe it is too late to stop the destruction of the human habitat and it is best is to pretend all is well.

If you claim to love the earth, then a good way to begin to show it is to not litter. In addition, if you want CO2 to go down, why cut down trees that use CO2 and turn it into O2 for your giant signs (mounted on wood polls). Also, I see a lot of Styrofoam materials being used there, that has been crusaded against long before “climate change” came onto the scene, so why use it/through it on the street?  They arrive by plane, bus, or suburban (such as Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio).

Ignorance is the source of evil. I do not think the protesters do harm to themselves on purpose. To litter and pollute and oveconsume is self destruction. However, humans do not have the power to destroy the Earth; what we humans are destroying is the condition under which humans can exist. It is very hard to be always completely consistent. Planes are very harmful to the environment and most things all of us do all the time. If you want to get a message across, then you need to live the standard you are preaching. Otherwise it is hypocrisy. Al Gore, and others, have the ability to alter their choices and lifestyles so they should start with themselves instead of telling others  to do what they are not willing to do themselves. Surely no one is perfect, so no one can be consistent all of the time, but one shall at least try. Al Gore is a very good example of inconsistency, living in large houses with plenty of overconsumption. Yet the fact these flawed individuals raise concern about the environment does not mean that environment concerns are not an issue.

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  1. Here here!! Well said!! You are totally right! Be the change!

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