Everything is connected

Despite warnings of tipping points and planetary boundaries, the inability of nations to cope with the planet-wide challengesand the potential for ecological changes to propagate into societal crises, the issue has received relatively modest attention among scholars and policy makers.
Everything is connected
Contrary to many aspects of global warming which can be projected and prepared for, cascading ecological crises that emerge from e.g. rapid loss of food production, invasive species, floods and drought spells, tend to be more abrupt, unexpected and notoriously hard to detect in advance. They challenge the decision-making and coordinating capacities at multiple levels and threaten to leave actors in a confused cul de sac of blame games and bickering.
Cascading ecological crises know no borders and continuously catch stakeholders off guard. When Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina experienced one of the worst droughts in decades in 2008 and 2009, it was feared that the scale of the crisis would likely have repercussions for the entire region’s economies, particularly related to export figures, fiscal revenues and inflation rates.


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