Resources and References related to Food Policy


Wes Jackson and Wendell Berry. A 50-year Farm Bill. NY Times, 2009.

Muller, et al. JHEN, Aligning Food System Policies to Advance Public Health, 2009.

 Resources and References related to Food Policy:

The role of local food systems in US farm policy.  Congressional Research Service. July, 2014. (PDF)

Center for a Livable Future. Community Food Security in the U.S: A Review of the Scientific Literature. 2015.

Marion Nestle –Politics chapter of Food Encyclopedia (PDF)

Good laws, good food. Putting local food policy to work for our communities. Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic, July, 2012.

Urvashi Rangan. From Fables to Labels. TEDx Manhattan. 2012.  [YouTube]

deSchutter Olivier.  Addressing Concentration in Food Supply Chains. The Role of Competition Law in Tackling the Abuse of Buying Power. 2010.

Hamm, Michael. Principles for Framing a Healthy Food System. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 2009.

Food and Water Watch and the Public Health Institute. Do Farm Subsidies Cause Obesity?. 2011.

The New Food Revolution – 2010 Dodge lecture (Marion Nestle)

American Public Health Association (APHA). The Farm Bill and Public Health: A Primer for Public Health Professionals June, 2012.

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