James Bond mexican deal

MARCH 25, 2015
James Bond Producers Offer New Clues on Mexican Incentives
by Brian Bardwell

Full Text Published by Tax Analysts®

The producers of an upcoming James Bond film say they haven’t made changes to their script in exchange for a Mexican incentive package, but experts in the field of film incentives say it’s unclear why the studio would deny making the deal it did.Tax Analysts reported weeks ago on the extent of the changes, which some observers believed went beyond the norm, with records hacked from Sony Pictures Entertainment indicating that whoever was providing the incentives was dictating decisions regarding casting, characters, and scenery.After the story was picked up by local media in Mexico City, where the film had just begun shooting, producer Michael Wilson called a press conference where he acknowledged having received incentives but denied that they influenced the script.

MARCH 3, 2015
From Mexico With Love: How Sony Got Millions in Incentives to Rewrite 007 Film
by Brian Bardwell

Full Text Published by Tax Analysts®

[Editor’s Note: This is the final story in a series of articles providing the public with a behind-the-scenes look at how tax policy can drive decision-making for large, publicly traded corporations.]

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