top 1 percent status

The top 1 percent of the world

Patrick Chisholm
Writer/Editor, PolicyDynamics.Org
10:26 AM 11/09/2011

In order to reach that top 1 percent status, you need to earn around $47,500 per year. That’s about the average per capita income in the United States (depending on whose statistics you use). That means tens of millions of Americans are in the top 1 percent! You, reader, may even be in the top 1 percent too!

And the rest of us are right up there. If you only earn $25,000 per year, you’re in the top 10 percent. Even if you earn the official poverty line in the United States — $11,344 (for 2010) — you’re in the top 13 percent of all income earners, give or take a percentage point.

There’s a nifty little website called the Global Rich List where you can plug in how much you earn and see where you rank among all the people of the world, income-wise. Their data is a little dated (e.g., using a world population of 6 billion instead of 7 billion), plus income statistics can vary considerably depending on the source, but at least the website gives you a good idea of where you stand.

Yep, we in America have it pretty good. The average income of all the people in the world is around $7,000. And the average income of Burundi and other very-low-income countries is about $200.


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