In Mexico Climate Change is a non-issue

In Mexico Climate Change is a non-issue, even though the effects are already severe in the forms of extreme weather events, flooding, and drought. The government just passed legislation to facilitate fracking and deep-sea extraction of fossil fuels that was not only hailed by the government as a great achievement, but even praised worldwide as something positive. In is difficult anyway, to take a different stance since the government income and the economy in general heavily depend on fossil fuels as a source of income. In fact, the use of renewable energy is not only not promoted, but actually penalized because the income inflows are given priority over environmental or efficiency concerns.

People themselves are not concerned. While there is growing undercurrents of mild awareness among the middle class, people think that global warming is a problem for the polar bears. Women, for example, say that we must be nice to the planet. There is no sense at all of the risks involved to our actual well-being.

While one must take individual actions to reduce our individual environmental footprint, it is necessary to take actions to raise awareness of the problem among the general public and inject the issue of climate change in the political agenda. Any ideas?

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