The Guardian’s “Keep it in the ground” campaign

Perhaps if the rest of the mass media could join in as well it would help spread awareness to other sections of society / political leanings.

Spearheaded by Harvard Students for a Just and Stable Future, Divest Harvard calls upon Harvard University to:

  • immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies 
  • immediately divest direct holdings (currently $19.6 million) from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies
  • divest indirect holdings in the top 200 fossil fuel companies within 5 years, and reinvest in socially responsible funds.

               Divest Harvard

‘In an unprecedented turn of events, the NYU University Senate voted with an overwhelming majority to pass a resolution that favors divestment from fossil fuels on Thursday. Members of NYU Divest, a student group who advocates for divestment, will present the resolution to the Board of Trustees. The resolution, proposed by the Student Senators Council, encourages the university to cease investing in fossil fuel companies, to grandfather any existing investments and to investigate the ways in which the university can make future investments that promote minimizing the effects of burning fossil fuels.’

Also this week from London:

‘Soas, University of London, is to divest from fossil fuels within the next three years after the institution’s governing body today approved the decision.’

Last year, Glasgow University was the first university in Europe to divest…

Hopefully, Oxford University will soon follow suit

There are many campaigning here


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