cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias

Our own biases are invisible to ourselves. Friedrich Nietzsche said it well: There are no facts, only interpretations. Moreover, Fox News in the US, to give an example, has shown that unapologetic biased news is good entrainment and a commercial success. News organizations are inside society and a reflection of its values and delusions.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The commercial success of Fox News suggests there was a core public looking for an outlet that provided the simple world view of evangelicals. Of course, there are biases built into the system that favor a description of reality that sustains the status quo . Nonetheless, most people participating in this marry-go-round of self-delusion honestly believe the perceive and discuss realty as is.

Facts are neutral, but the way they are presented is not. Here are two examples where driving accidents are used as an excuse for bigotry against migrants, while ignoring completely the issue of driving drunk:

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