To Change Everything We Need Everyone

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There is only one ingredient that is required: to change everything, we need everyone. History is our proof that the impossible is smaller than we think. The abolition of slavery. The end of apartheid. The spread of universal suffrage. All proof that the future is ours to shape. We just need to step out and claim it.” ~ The Guardian (1914)

As Pope Francis, I was born and raised in Argentina: a country of multiple contradictions and injustices, a country that has lived through coup d’états and financial collapses, which has been abused by both locals and strangers. A rich and astonishingly beautiful country that has been ransacked and poisoned and its population separated into those who can and have and those who don’t by ongoing social and economic injustices…

According to Wikipedia, Catholics in Argentina have been ranked between 70% and as much as 90%. I’m part…

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