Texas police excessive force against teenagers

There has been a spate of events where police in Texas overplays the use of force against upper-class non-white teenagers. Most recently, Mohamed, a 14 year old freshman at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, was taken into police custody when he brought a homemade digital clock to school to impress the teachers.

A 14 year old in Texas was just arrested, interrogated, and suspended from school for building a clock and showing it to his engineering teacher. Kids shouldn’t be punished for curiosity and a love of science. Click here to sign the petition to stop this.

His name is Ahmed Mohammed. He loves tinkering, building, and inventing things and was a member of his middle school robotics club. He builds his own radios and fixes his own go-kart.

When Ahmed came to school with the clock that he had built out of a circuit board, a pencil case, and a digital display, he was hoping to impress his engineering teacher. Instead, he was taken out of school in handcuffs, interrogated in a room by 5 police officers, and suspended from school.

The police threatened to charge Ahmed with a crime for pursuing his interest in science. We think he ought to get an “A” in engineering instead.

Click here to sign the petition demanding that the police stop harassing Ahmed and the school remove the suspension from his record.

At a time when many schools are trying to improve their math, science, and engineering programs, students like Ahmed should be encouraged, not arrested, terrified, and suspended.

Ahmed has said he’ll never bring one of his inventions to school again.

Regardless of  whether  the school’s actions of taking the clock for a bomb and calling the police were paranoiac or due-diligence, the police had no grounds to arrest and handcuff a 14 year old in school without contacting his parents first and assessing the situation properly. The kid did not treat anyone and only showed the clock to a teacher, that assumed without other cause than racial profiling, that it was a bomb.

In June 2015, In McKinney, Texas, police broke a local pool party on Friday night, like if it were a burglary of some sort, harassing black kids, but leaving white ones alone, as if they were invisible.In particular, a police officer put a 13 year old girl face down in the floor for no reason at all. The officer was placed on administrative leave after being filmed aggressively handcuffing, and then pulling a weapon on, a group of black teens.

The harsh treatment of teens that are handcuffed while involved in non-aggressive normal day-to-day activities contrast with the treatment given thugs actually involved in murder and a shoot out at a mall.

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