Ahmed Mohamed

Hoax allegations and conspiracy theories

The Dallas Morning News referred to some comments that emerged in the aftermath of the incident as conspiracy theories, reporting that most of them “cited no evidence, contradicted each other, or clashed with known facts”.[63] Some conservative commentators sought to cast suspicion on Mohamed’s family and Muslim groups that supported Mohamed after his detainment, positing that Mohamed planned to provoke his arrest to embarrass police and speculating the incident was a plot orchestrated by Islamistactivists.[63]

Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Channel Andrew Napolitano alleged that the incident was a “purposeful hoax” and asserted that Mohamed did not create a clock but instead dismantled an existing clock and transferred the internals into a pencil box.[64]

After reviewing these theories, The Dallas Morning News wrote: “No theory that The News has reviewed cites any evidence that Ahmed, who routinely brought electronic creations to his middle school and said he wanted to impress high school teachers, planned to get handcuffed and hit the news” and reported that “a police ‘investigation determined the student apparently did not intend to cause alarm bringing the device to school’.”[63] Slate observed that at no point did officials exhibit any concern that the clock was dangerous.[65]

Ahmed Mohamed And Family Demand $15 Million In Damages And Apology From School District

His arrest was a violation of his civil rights, according to his attorneys.

11/23/2015 05:43 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2015

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