A European Settler State

I was born and raised in a European settler State. When I was a child,  ethnic cleansing seemed normal and even heroic and just. I grew watching Westerns where cowardly savages killed women and children but when fought by a handful of cowboys died by the hundreds. However, I do not think of myself as Sephardi, Portuguese, German, or English. My knowledge of the mother cultures and languages is nil. My family roots in Nuevo León, the greater Nuevo León that included what today´s Texas, Coahuila, Nuevo Léon, and Tamaulipas, go back for at least four generations. In fact, I also have some American blood so I can claim with confidence that I am a Mexican with millenarian roots in America. Yet culturally and ethnically I have only a little to do with precolombian America. I know a few isolated facts about the Mexicas and the Conquest, and even less about the Northern American tribes that were completely exterminated by my forefathers. If anything, nuevoleones culture is Sephardi in character: words like uerco, foods like goat and arab bread, a taste for lemons and figs, the accordion, circumcision .

Sephardis came to the mountains and the desert looking for religious freedom. We came in search of the promised land. Our Jewish origins have been forgotten in the popular conscience because being openly Jewish signified in the old times being burned alive or hanged by the Inquisition, the higher the rank, higher the risk, and latter being ostracized by relatives and neighbors that had become fervent Catholics.

Sephardi Jews, better known in English as Sephardic Jews or derived from Hebrew simply Sephardim (Hebrew: סְפָרַדִּי,Modern Sfaraddi Tiberian Səp̄āraddî, lit. “The Jews of Spain”), are a Jewish ethnic division whose ethnogenesis and emergence as a distinct community of Jews coalesced in the Iberian Peninsula around the start of the 2nd millennium. They established communities throughout Spain and Portugal, where they traditionally resided, evolving what would become their distinctive characteristics anddiasporic identity. Their millennial residence as an open and organised Jewish community in Iberia was brought to an end starting with the issuance of the Alhambra Decree by Spain’s Catholic Monarchs in the late 15th century, which resulted in a combination of internal and external migrations, mass conversions, and executions.

Historically, the vernacular language of Sephardi Jews was Ladino, a Romance language derived from Old Spanish, incorporating elements from all the old Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula, Hebrew, Aramaic, and in the lands receiving those who were exiled, Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian vocabulary.

Thus, I do understand when Russians and New Yorkers say with vehemence that Palestine is their land. Land got by stealing and murdering, when the scale is big enough, become spoils of war, and the rightful property of the Nation and the People.

Facts are facts and Israel exists. But Israel does not need to be an apartheid genocidal State. In a similar way that apartheid disappeared in South Africa, the present Israel regime can change into something more humane. It has happen and it could happen. The alternative is the eventual self-destruction of the Jewish State.

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