America’s neglected public water system

From the Great Lakes to the Puget Sound, America’s rivers, streams, and lakes provide us with a sufficient supply of drinking water. But the transport of this water through the American water system is simply unsafe.

Flint, Michigan is using corroded lead pipes to transport its water, allowing dangerous chemicals to leach into the water — causing diseases that will plague this community for years. But this problem isn’t limited to one city.

Many of America’s water systems are more than 1OO years old. They’re due for a serious upgrade, but each year we’re falling $22 billion short in the funding the EPA needs to make these critical changes.

Demand Congress fix our nation’s water systems → Sign the petition now!

The aging U.S. water infrastructure can no longer be ignored. If we don’t have federal support, our communities will continue to suffer.

Flint, Michigan shows us exactly what’s at stake. We need to take immediate action to protect the health of our citizens now and ensure safe drinking water services for years to come.

Citizens of the wealthiest nation on Earth should not be denied this basic human necessity. It’s unacceptable.

Sign your name telling Congress to fix our nation’s water systems:

America’s neglected public water system, which contains more than 3 million aging lead pipes, is the cause of this public health catastrophe. Many of these pipes are so decrepit that even small disruptions — an unintentional alteration in water chemistry or repair work — cause them to poison our water with toxic lead.

The result? Hundreds of thousands of Americans — many of them low income and people of color — are needlessly exposed to health risks from lead-contaminated water. And these risks are horrifying: even low levels of lead exposure can damage the brains of children, lower IQ, cause learning disabilities and contribute to behavioral problems.

Appallingly, the laws that regulate our tap water are as antiquated and weak as many of our lead pipes. But reforming the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Lead and Copper Rule is only part of the solution.

We also need a powerful commitment to rebuild America’s outdated drinking water infrastructure — pipes, water mains and treatment plants — wherever needed.

I’m sure you agree that failing to act now — leaving the door open for another Flint — is unthinkable. That’s why it’s imperative that we raise our voices in a massive public outcry and demand that everyone in the U.S. be protected from this long-ignored danger.

Safe drinking water is every American’s right: tell President Obama, EPA and Congress to get the lead out of America’s drinking water!

The disaster in Flint underscores our nation’s galling failure to deliver the most basic services to its citizens. This is an affront to the people of Flint and to those who care about justice everywhere — and it can’t be tolerated in this country.

NRDC is fighting back by suing Flint and Michigan officials to make sure they clean up Flint’s toxic water. But we need your voice now to take this public health battle to the next level.

Stand with me now to demand that lead be removed from America’s tap water once and for all — we owe it to our families, communities and children.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC
Rhea Suh

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