A Liter of Light

A Liter of Light — the community from the test site at Sitio Maligaya 1 in San Pedro, Laguna shares the benefits from the Solar Bottle Bulb. Millions of the poorest people in the Philippines live without electricity. Many are informal settlers who connect themselves to power sources illegally, often leading to fires breaking out in their homes. Now, a new and cheap solar-light idea is providing an answer for a growing number of Filipinos.

This idea was created by an auto mechanic in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 2002, and NOT by students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His name is Alfredo Moser from Brazil and he has a video he posted three years ago on YouTube. A Liter of Light give him proper credit on their website. What a brilliant idea. If I can find his email I will write to him as well. Any more info is much appreciated. Guatemala is going to start using this idea soon.

The whole point is to utilize what they already have; corrugated metal roofs, plastic bottles, water, and chlorine, and something to seal the joint. transparent corrugated fiberglass panels would require spending money that they don’t have. The whole point in using the bottles is so they don’t require a big whole to let light in, or an overly transparent, expensive, roof/ceiling.

A question in YouTube:

Stupid mexicans what the fuck do they do at night?

Mexicans? Are you talking about the people in this video? They’re Brazilians. (That’s not Spanish they’re speaking in.) FYI, those PET bottles are meant for daytime use only, so they can cut their electric bill by at least half by using their regular electric bulbs at night. Makes sense. Not stupid at all.
You obviously don’t know people’s struggles through life. You’re lucky to have a computer, clean water, food, and a window. They use regular electricity-powered bulbs when the sun goes down. And only for a few hours, until they go to sleep.

People who do not live in these countries are not aware of:

  • Homes are made of un-reinforced adobe or cement or bricks & may be many years old. It’s difficult to add any windows.
  • Some homes are touching each other there no option for window there.
  • Many roofs made of corrugated metal. (Metal in waves) This cannot support much weight. Metal also expands & contracts everyday with heat of the day & cold of the night. A skylight would have problems pretty quickly.
  • People have no money, and I don’t mean no money like in I work for Wal-Mart for no money, I mean no money.

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