Mysterious Objects

Published on May 31, 2016
From strange dodechahedrons to ancient machinery to pipes that just…should be there…these are the 7 Most Mysterious and Ancient Objects We STILL Don’t understand.

We don’t know what these trinkets were used for, but what we do know is that they are extremely well designed, as in 1994 two German men, Peter Belting and Conrad Lubbers, created simplified versions of the Quimbaya artefacts fitted with radio controlled aircraft technology.

6.) The Lanzhou Screw
This mysterious object was discovered in 2002, a simple rock which dates back around 300 million years old. It was found in the Mazong Mountain area on the border of the Gansu and Xijiang provinces, and whilst this particular type of rock isn’t naturally found in this area and has a mysterious composition that is yet to be determined, that is far from the most fascinating thing about it.

In the Qinghai Province of China exists a strange collection of metal pipe work which has baffled those who are attempting to study its origin. Initially discovered by a group of American palaeontologists, these pipes lead into Mount Baigoing from a salt water lake close by. So okay, clearly this was built by a group of ancient Chinese freshmen who wanted to build a hot tub somewhere on the mountain right? Well not according to scientists who’ve studied them.

This object was discovered by a man named Dmitry who was mining for coal in the Vladivostok region of Russia in 2013. The strangely shaped hunk of metal looks man-made doesn’t it, and closely resembles a tooth wheel you’d find in a regular microscope. However, the intervals in between each tooth indicate it was part of a much larger mechanism, and if you’re thinking this was just discarded by some lazy scientist out of their car window you are wrong.

These objects are known to have been created by the Romans and date back to around the second or third centuries, so there’s no weird alien backstory to this one. We call them Roman Dodecahedrons, and they are often made of bronze or stone and covered in a mixture of zodiac signs and weird undecipherable symbols. The first was uncovered in 1739, and since then we’ve found another 115 of these artefacts, yet we still have no clue as to their actual purpose.

In 1909 American Army Major Frederick Barnham and his associate Charles Frederick Holder discovered a huge stone in the Yagui Valley, Mexico which has now been identified as Mayan in origin.

Discovered just outside Baghdad in 1936, the Baghdad Battery comprises of a small clay jar, an iron rod, and a cylinder of copper. These three items aren’t particularly interesting on their own, but when the iron rod is suspended inside the cylinder, the cylinder is soldered shut, and you place this into the jar, you have the makings of a rudimentary battery.

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