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League of Conservation Voters
THURSDAY DEADLINE: This is our chance to block offshore drilling in pristine places like the Arctic FOR GOOD! Be one of the 50,000 signatures that help to stop offshore drilling »

Petition to President Obama and the Department of the Interior:

“We need to keep dirty fuels in the ground and accelerate our transition to clean energy. There is no better place to start saying NO DRILLING than in public waters such as the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, which are currently untouched by oil production.”

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Deadly and impossible-to-clean oil spills, an influx of climate-warming fossil fuels, communities’ livelihoods at risk — this could be the future we’re looking at if Big Oil gets its way and expands drilling into the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

We can change everything for our coastal communities — but only if we act now. We have until June 16 to stop all new offshore drilling and we need you, Arnulfo.

We had a huge victory earlier this year when the Obama administration issued a draft offshore drilling plan that protects the Atlantic Ocean from drilling for at least the next five years — but within days, Big Oil-backed members of Congress filed opposing legislation to open up the Atlantic for drilling as soon as possible. And — even more of a threat — the draft offshore drilling plan still opens up enormous portions of the Arctic to new drilling and expands drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

This fight is far from over, so we need your help. The Interior Department is accepting comments on the offshore drilling plan, but only until June 16. We need to collect 50,000 signatures (at least!) so we can tell President Obama that we want him to take Arctic and Atlantic drilling off the table permanently and start transitioning the Gulf to 100% clean energy.

Help save our shores: Tell President Obama to protect the Atlantic and the Arctic from Big Oil FOREVER »

The risk of offshore drilling never disappears, and the damage of oil spills are lasting. Just last month, Shell spilled nearly 90,000 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf, creating a 13-mile oil slick off the coast of Louisiana. Trust me, this kind of thing is just going to keep happening again and again, because where we see the risks of offshore drilling — devastated coastal communities, oil-drenched marine life, and harmful impacts on our climate — Big Oil only sees giant dollar signs.

We have a historic opportunity to stop them — but the window is small. The Obama administration is accepting public comments on their offshore drilling plan and it’s our chance to tell the president we want him to stop all new offshore drilling. But we only have until June 16. Meanwhile Big Oil and their allies in Congress are lobbying hard to open up as many areas to offshore drilling as they can. So for us, sitting this one out is not an option.

This is a fight we know how to win. When the Atlantic coast was first targeted for drilling last year, LCV members joined our state partners, coastal residents, businesses, and elected officials in saying no to offshore drilling. And it worked! President Obama took Atlantic drilling off the table for the next five years.

We have to keep going. President Obama has an incredible opportunity to block ALL offshore drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic FOREVER. Now is the time to permanently block offshore drilling in both of these areas and transition the Gulf to 100% clean energy.

There are only a few days left to make a difference in this fight. Please, help us gather 50,000 signatures for the Arctic and the Atlantic today »

Arnulfo — in the fight for our environment, stopping new offshore drilling has to be a huge priority. And it’s one that we can accomplish, but only with you on our side. Please, don’t put this off — tell President Obama to permanently protect the Arctic and the Atlantic from Big Oil.

For our coasts,

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategies
League of Conservation Voters


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