Restaurant City

About 1.3 billion pounds of food is wasted every year. Houston is the “#1 Restaurant City” in the nation and with grocery stores on every corner, what better way to help feed the hungry than to end food waste? We want restaurants, grocery stores, and local markets to stop wasting food and start ending hunger within our city.

We, Houston Munchie Crunchies, are a group of kids from the ages of 13 to 17 who are currently working together to retrieve 20,860 signatures. In order to have a successful petition, we must obtain at least ten percent of the total number of votes cast during the 2015 mayoral election for our petition to be a tool used to help end food waste and hunger in Houston.

We were inspired by France passing a law in early February 2016, which allowed them to become the first nation in the world to ban grocery stores from wasting food. France’s grocery stores must now donate unsold food to charities and non-profits, which will help end hunger in their country. However, we want to end hunger right here in Houston by ending food waste. Wouldn’t it be nice if Houston could follow France’s footsteps by passing such a law that allows Houston to end food waste and hunger at the same time?

By signing this petition, we are asking you to help us stop this massive food waste and hunger.

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