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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring(2003) – directed by Kim Ki-dukSSFWS_10

Apparently a simple main theme – cyclicity of life – introduces an entire system of Buddhist symbols, an extremely beautiful imagery and almost complete lack of dialogues (characteristic for this director).

In the game of decyphering the code:

Some say it may represent the Consciousness, while the waters of the lake are the Unconsciousness.

The doors by the lakeside and in the hut are symbolic rather than prescriptive. The fact there are no walls means their use is not forced but elected. They represent morality and discipline. Morality is not defined by a higher power but by society and the self. By adopting the constraints the doors engender, self-discipline is attained.


The animal symbolism of the film is obvious. At the beginnig of each “season” a different animal appears at the temple.

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