Logical Fallacies in Climate Change Denialism

Blue Marble Earth

During my time at Vanderbilt, I knew of the morass of pro-anthropogenic global warming (AGW), anti-AGW, and flat-out denial websites, but never actually explored them. Navigating Google to research my previous post reintroduced me to that wide range of mindsets and mental gymnastics that end up in the climate change debate. I would look up a graph showing some relationship, click on a promising-looking image, and find out that it came from a site that completely misconstrued it. Poor, innocent graph.

Running across sites like Resilient Earth force me to very carefully consider my own arguments – the author did thorough research (much of it from the same sources I use), made some superficially convincing arguments, and then the whole argument veered off into left field when he tried to corral those facts into a something that would support a denialist mindset. (The author, Doug Hoffman, later presented these arguments…

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