11 July 2016 | Geo Risk

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2015 gave us the third overall strongest El Niño event ever recorded after 1997/98 and 1982/83. Now it is the turn of La Niña, which impacts regional weather differently than El Niño.

The so-called ENSO (El Niño/Southern Oscillation), of which both the La Niña and El Niño phenomena are components, has a pronounced effect on regional weather around the world. The average sea surface temperature, based on a specific area of the equatorial Pacific, acts as a reference for determining which of the three climate oscillation phases is currently taking place. A distinction is made between the neutral phase and the El Niño and La Niña phenomena which, as contrasting configurations of the tropical ocean-atmosphere system in the Pacific Ocean, represent a natural climate fluctuation. Their impacts are felt all over the world due to so-called teleconnections/long-range effects, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions.

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