no way to go

There’s no avoiding it, Donald Trump is our next President. How did Trump trump the political establishment for the presidency? The System beat itself. On the one hand, The Democratic Party shenanigans disenfranchised many people that would have voted for a democrat ticket, and on the other hand, the republicans only had a bible-belt demagogue as a viable option. Trump won because, for some, he was a hope of change; for others, Clinton was worst; and the rest just gave up on voting altogether.

To start with, voting turnout in the US is around fifty percent and declining. Comparing the 2012 presidential election with this one in 2016 there is a sharp decline in participation. In 2012 around sixty-six million people voted for Obama, and sixty-one for Romney. In 2016 fifty-nine million people voted for Clinton, for a loss of seven million. Trump did better, he only lost two million people, probably because he attracted people that did not vote before to compensate the loss of ordinary republicans. The steady decline in voting participation is a symptom of the disconnect between the citizenry and the power elite.

The sharp decline in citizen participation is more telling if one remembers, that at the time of the primaries, the candidacy of Trump was expected to generate higher than expected voting turnout. At that time, the election seemed a likely slam dunk for the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders was getting a lot of traction with young voters, and despite a socialist label, his poll numbers were impressive. What the Democratic Party did? Rig the Democratic Party primary in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Did Clinton reach out for Sanders´ base once she was nominated? No, she laughed out the dissidents and run on the slogan: I’m not Trump. That suited Trump just fine and the theme “I´m not Clinton” served him well. Now that the election is over, The Democratic Party, instead of accepting its faults, blames the FBI for a half-hearted attempt to do what the FBI is supposed to do. The political establishment must recognize that people are fed up with corruption and power plays and change or be changed.

Trump wants to dramatically expand the NSA to spy on each of us, he’s called for “closing parts of the Internet,” and he has a complete disdain for the most fundamental safeguard for an open Internet: Net Neutrality. Once inaugurated, Trump will inherit the power to severely harm our rights in the digital age. The results will be felt the hardest here at home. I fear what could happen to members of our society under an oppressive surveillance regime.

Steve Bannon, former head of the ultra-conservative website Breitbart, is now Trump’s chief strategist. He’s called climate scientists and activists “scum-sucking slime balls.” “Talentless low-lives.” “Abject liars.”

You’re going to hear a lot about him in the coming weeks. But it’s not just Bannon.

Myron Ebell, one of the nation’s top climate skeptics, will oversee the EPA transition. Sarah Palin is in serious contention to become Secretary of the Interior. The whole transition team is packed with climate change deniers and representatives from the dirty energy industry.

While Trump continues to plan for his Presidency, we need to know what our supporters think of his shocking political ascension. Trump seems to be getting into hyper-TV-reality-mode with unpredictable consequences for the whole World. In these times of change, we need more informed citizen participation, not less.

Will you chip in $3 to jump-start an all-out organizing drive to build the power we need to defend our rights under a Trump administration?

Fight back before it’s too late. Stand up against Trump, Bannon, Ebell, and Palin. Donate today and keep the environmental movement standing strong.


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[3] How Donald Trump could dismantle net neutrality and the rest of Obama’s legacy. Source: Washington Post
[4] Trump: Black Lives Matter helped instigate police killings. Source: CNN

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