flour tortillas

I have eaten flour tortillas like that in two places, at home when I was a boy, and in Beeville. Beeville is the county seat of Bee County, Texas, with a population around thirteen thousand. It is the birthplace of my Grandmother Clara but I have never been there before. I was driving back home from Houston by Route 59 and then there it was, Beeville.
Beeville is one of those one-street towns but it has character beyond its size. Many of the stately homes, commercial buildings, and schools in the area, including the Bee County Courthouse, were designed by architect William Charles Stephenson, who came to Beeville in 1908 from Buffalo, New York. Beeville is a National Main Street City.
It was noon when we passed by Beeville and decided to have lunch in Grandma´s hometown. We stopped at El Charro, a Mexican restaurant, right on Route 59. Lunch came with flour tortillas wrapped in aluminum foil. I was taking back to Memory Lane when I saw the thick flatbreads, pita-bread like. I only had seen tortillas like these when my mother used to make them for supper.
Googling Beeville, I see that it has, to some accounts, the best German restaurant in Texas. I must try that one next time I am in town.

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