Your internal writing critic, and one way to overcome it

Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing

Paul tackles the topics of your internal critic and creativity and writing in a number of his books. You can read about the books available online at

Writing is considered an art by most fiction writers, one that involves a great deal of creative thought. For the rest of us—those who write business documents, articles, case studies, media releases, blog posts, social media content, web content and even non-fiction books—writing is a craft. However, even crafts involve at least a modicum of creative thinking, some types of non-fiction writing more than others, admittedly. Technical competency and understanding the structure of the document you are producing are important; however, unless you are producing a price list, it is difficult to imagine writing without a degree of creative ability. But before we look at creativity and writing, let’s look at something that can interfere with creativity, or what I call…

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