DM: I want to be.
A: You lack focus, you´re a waste of time and energy.
DM: The creative part of the process of understanding is posing the right question.
A: There must be a systematic way to refine questions from disciplined work.
DM: Quantity as a source for quality
A: Not really, the praxis is the real teacher, not random ramblings by myself. Without interaction with reality, mental work is sterile. Even the greater minds are productive because of the interaction with reality.
DM: Well, yes but how do you connect perception with understanding? You need to connect with your inner self and brainstorming is maybe the only way.
A: Meditation and programmed sleep might be another better way. Brainstorming is noisy and understanding might drown among so much garbage.
DM: Relax my mean man. Until you relax, deep understanding will not come.
A: I see. But the idea is to concentrate in the process, regardless of consequences. Flow is a state of pure mind, one thing at a time.
DM: All these things you mention are necessary. It is a process. Some serendipity is essential, well, convenient, to find the right path in the darkness.
A: A good way to fall off a cliff.
DM: The end of life is always death. One must move forward to the end. Of course, a random walk might lead to oblivion, but most of the paths go forward.
A: Not true, empiric evidence is that most paths are paths of self-destruction.
DM: It is a matter of belief. You must trust your inner self; your inner strength, and wisdom. It is what you have and there is not use negating it.
A: You right. What about not getting distracted by what I think it should be vs what is?
DM: You must accept that at one point you would be wrong. You might or might not get a chance to recover and learn. Either way to play you cards is the objective of the game. Time is limited and you’re going to die whether you use your time to live or you sit to wait for time to be over.
A: Right. It is not a blind belief to always be right but the courage to act on what I have.

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