Standing Rock water protectors

On Sunday night, Water Protectors were met with water hoses in freezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets, and sprayed with pepper spray. Over a hundred were injured, some seriously. It is more important than ever to stand with Standing Rock and denounce this violence against the peaceful Water Protectors.
The Water Protectors at Standing Rock need to know we’ve got their backs. Add your name »

Mni Wiconi, Lakota for water is life, is the message the Standing Rock Sioux have for all of us.

Those assembled at the Sacred Stone Camp are fighting to protect the Missouri River, which provides drinking water to their tribe and 17 million others. They are fighting to protect their heritage and sacred land. They are fighting for their future.

And with President-elect Donald Trump heading to DC in January, their future has never been more perilous.

Donald Trump has up to one million dollars invested in Energy Transfer Partners, the company that is building the pipeline. The CEO of the company donated to Trump’s campaign, and other Big Oil allies are already cheering Trump’s election as good for business. We know Trump wants to greenlight dirty energy projects like Keystone XL and given his business interests with Energy Transfer Partners, it’s safe to bet Dakota Access could get the green light under President Trump too.

That’s why it’s so important we raise our voices now and let the Standing Rock Sioux know we are with them in this fight — that we will join them in fighting tooth and nail against Donald Trump and Big Oil.

The Water Protectors need to know we will be with them, no matter what is coming. Sign here »

Just since September, we’ve seen two major pipeline disasters in Alabama, first with a large, devastating spill, and second with an explosion that killed one, injured many more, and forced the evacuation of everyone within a three-mile radius.

This is what the Water Protectors of Standing Rock and all the other tribal nations that now gather at Sacred Stone Camp are fighting against. They know that any pipeline leak, explosion, or spill will impact their water and land first. Their sacred sites and cultural heritage, along with their ability to live on their land, could all be destroyed. A spill could have long consequences to the Standing Rock Sioux, all the Native people of North Dakota, and those who live near or depend on the Missouri River.

Right now, the Dakota Access Pipeline is on hold while the Army Corps continues their evaluation, but we cannot become complacent. We know President-elect Trump wants to approve dirty and dangerous projects like this pipeline. We must speak out and stand with the Water Protectors now.

LCV Members stand in solidarity with Standing Rock. Let them know by adding your name »

Thank you for fighting for Mother Earth, Water Protectors. And thank you, LCV members, for fighting for the Water Protectors.

Yours in resistance,

Yazmin Khan
Digital Campaign Manager
League of Conservation Voters

November 21 at 4:33 PM

last night the Morton County Sheriff’s office put Standing Rock water protectors in grave danger. Hundreds were injured, including an elder who went into cardiac arrest and several people treated for rubber bullet injuries to the face. They used projectiles that ripped through people’s muscle tissue (warning: graphic photos).

Police fired water cannons at the protectors for at least six hours in below freezing temperatures, exposing them all to hypothermia. Medical professionals at the camp called for a cessation of this tactic because of the real threat that people could die. And Morton County law enforcement just kept drenching water protectors in water, tear gassing them, firing concussion grenades and using sonic weapons against them.

Morton County Sheriff’s office number:
701-328-8118 & 701-667-3330

Hello, my name is ___________. I am horrified by the violence used by your officers against the Standing Rock water protectors last night. It is nothing short of torture to douse people in water, in below freezing temperatures, for hours. People could die from this inhumane escalation. Your officers are willing to risk killing peaceful protectors. It’s time to end these dangerous tactics and torture against the people at Standing Rock.

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