NASA’s satellite data

a recent interview with one of Trump’s top advisers has revealed a plan to make deep cuts to NASA’s funding, specifically targeting NASA’s climate research. Unbelievable though it is, he called this basic Earth observation research “politicized science.”

We can’t let this happen. Cutting off NASA’s satellite data would be devastating and send us back to the dark ages.

Without NASA’s research, it could be next to impossible to track changes in our climate. Large-scale research initiatives that countries around the world rely on too could disappear.

Can we count on you to stand up for science? A group of donors is tripling every contribution right now — that means even $5 is enough to help.

Yes, triple match my gift »

We need your immediate support, Arnulfo. We can’t let Trump steamroll over basic science because he doesn’t like the results. Since the election, thousands of people have pitched in — here’s what it all goes towards:

  • Funding a massive campaign that goes hard after every dangerous executive action, nominee, and vote in Congress, coordinating with allies in new ways so that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Bolstering our allies in the Senate to stand strong, use their bully pulpit, and form a “green” firewall to beat back attacks on sound science, our cornerstone environmental laws, and critical recent progress.
  • Holding key elected officials accountable, especially in the Senate, for their votes, words and actions, and expose those who push Trump’s anti-science agenda.
  • Mobilizing hundreds of thousands of activists, activating our grassroots networks and standing in solidarity with allies across the progressive movement.
  • Making progress in the states, where our state partners are ready to seize policy opportunities to advance solar power, renewables, and other climate solutions.
  • Laying the groundwork for 2017 and 2018, where key Governor and Senate races are already unfolding.

We can’t let Trump undo decades of environmental safeguards, Arnulfo. Please — in this critical moment, stand up and be counted.

Donate today. Don’t let Trump dismantle NASA and the EPA without a fight. A group of donors is tripling every contribution right now to help resist Trump’s agenda — so even $5 is enough to help »

The next four years may be the hardest we’ve ever faced but giving up just isn’t an option. We’ll keep you posted on what comes next — thanks so much for standing with us.


Gene Karpinski

League of Conservation Voters

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