Scott Pruitt to head up the Environmental Protection Agency

Breaking: News reports say Trump will nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his choice to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt is straight up anti-EPA. As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, he led the state’s fight against the EPA’s efforts to rein in carbon pollution and protect our nation’s drinking water. Now he might lead the agency.

Just like his fellow Oklahoman Jim Inhofe, the leading climate denier and chair of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, Pruitt will be a CATASTROPHE for the planet.

This is a disaster. But there’s something we can do. EPA Administrator is a position that needs to be confirmed by Congress, and that means there’s going to be a public debate.

We can’t let them succeed. We must fight back against Pruitt’s confirmation.Hundreds of people have already pitched in to help fight back against Trump’s anti-science agenda — but we truly need everyone to get on board right now.

Fight back before it’s too late. Donate today and keep the environmental movement standing strong against Trump and corporate puppets like Pruitt.


Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters


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