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Learning Emacs – part 1: Introduction, entering emacs, and exiting emacs

Originally posted on Blasphemous Bits:
So I’ve decided to learn Emacs. I’ve always been more of a Vi man previously, and I still consider some moderate amount of comfort with Vi to be a necessity for any Unix sysadmin. I’ve…

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Donald Trump

Fevered media speculation about Donald Trump’s psychological motivations and psychiatric diagnosis has recently encouraged mental health professionals to disregard the usual ethical constraints against diagnosing public figures at a distance. They have sponsored several petitions and a Feb. 14 letter … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire, grande educador Brasileiro. Baixar aqui o livro em pdf “Pedagogia do Oprimido”

Baixar o livro em pdf aqui:  Pedagogia_do_Oprimido_Paulo_Freire     Paulo Reglus Neves Freire (Recife, 19 de setembro de 1921 — São Paulo, 2 de maio de 1997) foi um educador, pedagogista … Source: Paulo Freire, grande educador Brasileiro. Baixar aqui … Continue reading

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Lots And Lots Of foldLeft Examples

Originally posted on Matt Malone's Old-Fashioned Software Development Blog:
In my last post I reviewed the implementation of scala.List’s foldLeft and foldRight methods. That post included a couple of simple examples, but today I’d like to give you a…

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Lofty Strangeness

“THE future ain’t what it used to be,” baseball’s Yogi Berra quipped, with trademark deadpan. Indeed, the emerging “new science” can be as unreadable as a deftly… Source: Lofty Strangeness

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Friends, Last week Donald Trump told the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop their comprehensive environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s up to us to deny that request. Sorry, Donald. Yesterday, things got worse. This review moved … Continue reading

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