Trump’s dangerous agenda

The first 100 days of the Trump administration have included:

  • President Trump’s approval of Congress’ action rescinding the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule, potentially allowing for extreme killing methods like shooting mother bears with cubs and killing wolves with pups during denning season on national wildlife refuges in Alaska;
  • An Executive Order undermining the Antiquities Act and opening more than a billion acres of protected national monuments up for review in the interest of allowing oil and gas industries and other special interests broader access to public lands;
  • An Executive Order calling for construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall that could jeopardize the existence of at least 89 endangered or threatened species and 108 migratory bird species;
  • An Executive Order to “review and reconsider” the Clean Water Rule and putting our national health at risk; and
  • An Executive Order instructing the Department of the Interior to “review” offshore drilling restrictions in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

And these are only a FEW examples of the many terrifying actions we’ve seen by this administration.

Donald Trump has announced his latest cabinet positions: Scott Pruitt for the EPA and Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Department of the Interior.

With a history of questioning the settled science of climate change and doing Big Polluters’ dirty work, we have no doubt these nominees are salivating at the chance to deliver on Trump’s dangerous agenda. And remember, President-elect Trump has already made three concrete promises that take aim at the progress we’ve made:

  1. Roll back regulations on the fossil fuel industry, giving them free rein to destroy our environment and pollute our air and water.
  2. Greenlight the dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline and other dirty energy projects.
  3. Cancel U.S. funding for global efforts to fight climate change and protect communities from its impact.

He’s staking his reputation on getting these things done. If we stop him now, we send him a message: You can try to come after the environmental movement, but you will fail.

We must pass this test. We must stand together RIGHT NOW and build a grassroots campaign so massive we can stop Donald Trump at every turn for the next four years. We must hold him and Congress accountable for every single environmental attack. We must defend the last eight years of progress and find a way to move forward in the halls of Congress, in the states, the courtrooms, and on the streets.

We will stand united against Donald Trump. Are you in?

The fight is here. Stand with LCV and pledge to resist Donald Trump’s polluter agenda at every step »

It makes me sick even to see or hear “President Trump.” How could a man who has bragged about assaulting women, who wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, who says we should ban all Muslims from entering our country, and who thinks climate change is a hoax be our next president?

With Trump in the White House, Pruitt at the EPA, and McMorris Rodgers at the Department of the Interior, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will do everything they can to gut the EPA’s Clean Power Plan — our nation’s biggest step forward in the fight against climate change. They will attack the Clean Water Rule, rolling back desperately needed drinking water protections for millions of Americans. And they will try to give fossil fuel companies unlimited rein over our air and lands.

With your help, we will fight back with every tool at our disposal.

When George W. Bush was president, we mobilized as a movement and stopped environmental attack after environmental attack. And after months of hard work from LCV supporters like you, we have new climate champions like Tammy Duckworth and Catherine Cortez Masto in the Senate and Nanette Barragán and Ruben Kihuen in the House who will stand up to Donald Trump and climate change deniers in Congress. We have a path forward, but it all depends on you.

Don’t let Trump take us back to the dark ages. Add your name today to fight back.

As upset as we may feel, it’s not time to throw our hands up. It’s time to roll up our sleeves. I hope we can count on your support in the battles to come.


Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

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