Good New York-style bagels in Tokyo!

Alice Gordenker    アリス・ゴーデンカー

First there was the gold standard. Then the silver standard. Now there’s the bagel standard! I’ve been on a quest to find the best bagel in Tokyo, and for now at least, I’d say the gold standard is Bagel Standard, a little shop that opened in Nakameguro in March 2010. No, I didn’t get the shop name wrong: it is not “Standard Bagel,” it’s “Bagel Standard.” Make a pilgrimage for New York-style bagels that are properly chewy, crusty and weigh in at a respectable 150-160 grams. Plains are ¥180. Sesame, salt and poppy bagels are ¥200 each. They have cinnamon-raisin bagels on Thursday and Saturdays only, at ¥220 each, and berry berry on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for ¥240. Everythings are ¥220 everyday. My hands-down favorite are the salt bagels.

The shop is located on Yamatedori about a ten-minute walk from Nakameguro station in the direction of Meguro Station, next…

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