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   Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory Going “down the rabbit hole” has become a common metaphor in popular culture, symbolizing everything from exploring a new world, taking drugs, or delving into … Continue reading

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The Grokking Eagle podcast -02 Tribialism

Nowadays, the following question is trending in Quora with hundred plus answers;
When you watch a stadium filled with white people chanting “Send her back!” about a US Congresswoman and our President silently endorses it, what comes up for you?
Despite being many answers, I have not looked at all of them, only a handful, it seems that there are a few themes that most entries just regurgitate. An obvious and common theme is the reference to Nazi Germany. I found the Nazi link hyperbolic, in fact, most people, qualify themselves as exaggerated and point out that, of course, US America 2019 is not Nazi Germany 1935. In this reference fascism is just used as synonym of “evil” and not real tough is given to the meaning of fascism, and thus, the reference is just meant as an insult.
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Dark Green VI: The Club of Rome and “World Problematique” (1)

Originally posted on INFRAKSHUN:
By M.K. Styllinski  “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – Edmund Burke According to the Club of Rome’s (CoR) own website the global think-tank was founded in April 1968 by: “……

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The Grokking Eagle Podcast -01 Introduction

This is the opening episode of the Grokking Eagle Podcast. I have a blog in called the grokking eagle that has been online since 2007. Today I am starting a podcast version as an experiment and a learning effort … Continue reading

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