The Lie of Truth


The Lie of Truth, by Rene Daumal

At the beginning, there was error. Truth is one, but error proliferates. Man tracks it down & cuts it up into little pieces hoping to turn it into grains of truth. But the ultimate atom will always essentially be an error, a miscalculation. Thus it is that man runs towards error & away from truth which can only be instantaneous & unextended, thought in action.

Take the Sun, for example. It orbits around the man looking at it from Earth. At the same time it orbits around the sky, going through its twelve signs. But at the end of 365 orbits around Earth, it has done a little less than one orbit around the sky; at the end of 366 orbits, a little more. A miscalculation. The Moon from time immemorial dances through its four faces, resulting from the interplay of light…

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