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David Hume, the Skeptical Stoic

Originally posted on How to Be a Stoic:
I have always been a philosophical fan of David Hume. His clear writing, commonsense approach to things, rejection of abstruse philosophizing, embracing of science, and constructive skepticism have been the sort of traits I have…

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A Personal Reply to the Fact-Challenged Smears of Terrorist-Whitewashing Channel 4, Snopes and La Presse

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on In Gaza:
How about the “fact checkers” and apologists look into why the White Helmets recycled an image claiming to show a victim of “Russian airstrikes” after having previously used the same image before Russia even began…

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“¿Ha sido ´El Príncipe´malinterpretado?// Has been ‘The Prince’ misunderstanding?

Originally posted on The Maquiavelo Site:
En esta entrada vamos a tratar un tema que cuando lo leímos por un periódico online (El Día) nos pareció bastante interesante. Por lo cual en este post únicamente vamos a redactar esta entrevista.…

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Xbox 360 Kinect Driver: OpenNI or OpenKinect (freenect)?

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Silvio Rodríguez: “El pueblo cubano debe tener más participación”

Originally posted on cursovt:
Es difícil acceder a él, pero una vez que se encuentra sentado, con su aire de viejo marinero en tierra y su mirada candorosa, le posee la palabra, esa misma con la que, bajo el efecto…

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The Lie of Truth

Originally posted on interrelevant:
The Lie of Truth, by Rene Daumal At the beginning, there was error. Truth is one, but error proliferates. Man tracks it down & cuts it up into little pieces hoping to turn it into grains…

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Senior crime

BloombergBusiness reported a sharp uptick in crime rates among senior citizens around the world. In South Korea for example, crimes committed by people 65 and over rose 12.2 percent from 2011 to 2013, which includes a shocking 40 percent increase in violent crime, such as murder, robbery, and rape, according to the Korea Times. Continue reading

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Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor, surviving Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Kaufering and Türkheim. Frankl was the founder of logotherapy, the will to meaning, and is most notable for the best-selling book Man’s Search for Meaning Continue reading

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El alemán Hermann Ebbinghaus comenzó sus estudios sobre la memoria investigando su propia capacidad memorística. Basándose en las ideas de Locke y Hume, (que sugerían que recordar algo implica una asociación entre ideas por los rasgos que comparten) decidió poner…

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Los motivos de Caín. José Revueltas. Libro PDF para descarga.

Originally posted on joserevueltas:
Los motivos de Caín. (1957). José Revueltas.  PDF PARA DESCARGA AQUÍ: Archivo compartido en la web por el  twittero @nolosleo: (Gracias).

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