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The Divine Dodo — Vortex

Originally posted on Sapience:
Dodo‘s Forsaken Maelstrom   — The Poor Stupid Dodo The Dodo did not intend to slip into the swirling vortex created by DJ’s sad songs.  But, that’s what happened.  Through some strange fusion of DJ’s painful fluid…

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The Power of the Powerless

“The Power of the Powerless” ( is an essay written in October 1978 by Vaclav Havel about the political situation of Czechoslovak. It is written in terms of the cold war rhetoric and compares the realities of soviet-style central controlled … Continue reading

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Five-step Strategy for Student Success with Online Learning

Originally posted on Online Learning Insights:
Students that are enthusiastic about online learning cite numerous reasons for preferring the virtual format, yet it’s flexibility that is extolled most often – the ability to study and learn on ‘my time’. Ironically,…

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March for Our Lives

we survived the shooting at our school, but too many of our classmates did not. And since then, Members of Congress have done NOTHING to ensure that gun violence like this never happens again. That’s why we’re marching to demand … Continue reading

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Watching the Stockholmers – it’s not a coincidence

Originally posted on Watching the Swedes:
A promo film on all that is good about Stockholm has created an internet storm. Really informative, and entertaining. Check it out.

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Originally posted on ROCKBUILDERS:
THE UNIQUENESS OF OHIO THIRD FRONTIER PROGRAM IN SUPPORTING THE GROWTH OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP From the lecture on The Role of Government in supporting the growth of Entrepreneurship, it is obvious that the example of the State…

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The Bards of The Odyssey: Commentary on the Role of Narrative in Homer’s Epic

Originally posted on sarahstofko:
The Odyssey, as it is well known, falls into the category of “epic poetry.” The term signals that an adventurous tale that was forged in antiquity and delivered orally in front of a crowd is being…

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