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“Integrity vs. Despair”

Originally posted on Voices from the Margins:
Carol A. Hand The mean(ingless)-stream media circus continues Celebrating the latest ignorance and cruelty Seas, air and land poisoned by hubris and greed Drones and bombs shredding lives and livelihoods Millions of refugees…

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with luck, balls are better than brains

Christopher Columbus (c. 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy.[2][3][4][5] Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four … Continue reading

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History Buffs: Dances with Wolves

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¿Cúal fue el primer lenguaje de programación?

Originally posted on Pagina de Luis Alejandro Guzman Busso:
En 1946 Grace Hopper, cientifica en sistemas y oficial de la marina estadounidense creo el FLOW-MATIC, considerado el primer lenguage de computadora útil para resolver problemas de usuarios comerciales, especificamente para…

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Analytics para la Salud en México – Un reporte con actas de nacimiento y estadísticas vitales

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Qué tal ¿Cómo están? El día de hoy les venimos a compartir algo que presentamos en el famosisimo Hackaton de Salud realizado por Hacking Health MX en el Tec de Monterrey el fin…

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Learning Emacs – part 1: Introduction, entering emacs, and exiting emacs

Originally posted on Blasphemous Bits:
So I’ve decided to learn Emacs. I’ve always been more of a Vi man previously, and I still consider some moderate amount of comfort with Vi to be a necessity for any Unix sysadmin. I’ve…

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Donald Trump

Fevered media speculation about Donald Trump’s psychological motivations and psychiatric diagnosis has recently encouraged mental health professionals to disregard the usual ethical constraints against diagnosing public figures at a distance. They have sponsored several petitions and a Feb. 14 letter … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire, grande educador Brasileiro. Baixar aqui o livro em pdf “Pedagogia do Oprimido”

Baixar o livro em pdf aqui:  Pedagogia_do_Oprimido_Paulo_Freire     Paulo Reglus Neves Freire (Recife, 19 de setembro de 1921 — São Paulo, 2 de maio de 1997) foi um educador, pedagogista … Source: Paulo Freire, grande educador Brasileiro. Baixar aqui … Continue reading

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Lots And Lots Of foldLeft Examples

Originally posted on Matt Malone's Old-Fashioned Software Development Blog:
In my last post I reviewed the implementation of scala.List’s foldLeft and foldRight methods. That post included a couple of simple examples, but today I’d like to give you a…

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Lofty Strangeness

“THE future ain’t what it used to be,” baseball’s Yogi Berra quipped, with trademark deadpan. Indeed, the emerging “new science” can be as unreadable as a deftly… Source: Lofty Strangeness

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