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Alan Watts – The Art of The Controlled Accident

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D.T. Suzuki

  Poisoned Pen Letters? D.T. Suzuki’s Communication of Zen to the West By Dharmachāri Nāgapriya Introduction Daisetsu Teitarō Suzuki (1870-1966) has been widely celebrated as the first transmitter of Japanese Zen to the ‘West’i, especially the USA and Great Britain.ii In … Continue reading

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the Art of Meditation

Acceptance, Mindfulness, and Values: Why Now? Where will the dismembered teenager not loom? Posted Dec 19, 2008 The Morality of Meditation Gray Matter By DAVID DeSTENOJULY 5, 2013 Gaining competitive advantage on exams and increasing creativity in business weren’t of … Continue reading

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Shoshin (初心) is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind“. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in … Continue reading

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The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu?) is a 2013 Japanese animated historical drama film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and is animated by Studio Ghibli. It was the final film directed by Miyazaki before his retirement in September 2013.[5] … Continue reading

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Published on Sep 27, 2013 中村嘉津雄 真行寺君枝 尾藤イサオ 三原じゅん子 長谷川明夫文部省特選ストーリー: 越後長岡藩が、戊辰戦争で維新政府軍に破れ、その日の糧にも事欠く悲惨な状況にあった­時、分家の三根山藩から米百俵が見舞いとして贈られてきました。しかし、小林虎三郎は­この米を藩士たちに分配せず、学校設立資金として換金しようと決断したのです。「教育­こそ百年の大計、人物を創れ!」怒り狂う藩士たちに向かって死を覚悟で信念を貫き通し­、偉業を成し遂げる物語です。ハイビジョンアワード1993選定委員長賞受賞第6回東京国際映画祭出品作品1993国際エレクトロシネマフェスティバル出品作品

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Published on Jan 1, 2013 サブタイトル:英語、ハンガリー語二・二六事件の発生から終結までの四日間を、オールスターキャストで描いた五社英雄監­督作品。原作・脚本は笠原和夫。 昭和11年2月26日。昭和維新を掲げた陸軍の青年将校たちは、1500人にも及ぶ決­起部隊を率いてクーデターを起こした。彼らは雪の降る中、岡田首相、高橋蔵相、斎藤内­大臣、鈴木侍従長などを襲撃。翌27日に戒厳令が施行され、決起部隊は原隊への復帰命­令を受けた。原隊からの食糧提供も止められ、将校たちは自分の家族や恋人のことを思い­返す。野中大尉は安藤大尉に部隊の原隊復帰を説得、最初は抵抗していた安藤も兵士たち­を投降させることにした。安藤は拳銃自殺を図るが未遂に終わる。野中は拳銃で自決した­。決起部隊の19人の将校たちは軍法会議で有罪となり、銃殺刑に処せられるのだった。 The February 26 Incident (二・二六事件 Niniroku Jiken?) (also known as the 2-26 Incident) was an attempted coup d’état in Japan on 26 February 1936. It was organized by a group of young Imperial Japanese … Continue reading

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日本映画、まだまだここに在りですね。武士の魂を見せてもらった感です。 Yoshimura Kan’ichiro (main character in this movie):Excerpt, “There is little record of his participation in battle, however his name is seen in some records as a negotiator.” The real story may have been very different. What a romanticization of … Continue reading

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In the beginning of the Eighteenth Century, in the transition period between the luxurious Genroku Era (1688-1703) and the simple Kyocho Era (1716-1735), the ronin – a samurai without a master – Ihei Misawa (Akira Terao) and his sweet wife … Continue reading

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Miyamoto Musashi

Mark Dacascos travels to Japan to trace the footsteps of the ultimate samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi.

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