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First Amendment protected activities

In a blatant attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters and discourage First Amendment protected activities, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents reportedly visited the homes of peaceful activists and community organizers in Cleveland, Ohio recently, … Continue reading

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poultry and egg processing factories

Tell the Department of Labor: “Investigate the inhumane treatment and horrible working conditions at poultry and egg processing factories, and step in to enforce fair labor standards.” Add your name: Last fall, Oxfam America released a report detailing the the … Continue reading

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mandatory GMO labeling

The fight for mandatory GMO labeling just took a dangerous turn that could leave millions of Americans in the dark about genetically modified ingredients in their food.

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Cliven Bundy

Republicans in Congress have been relentless in waging a war on America’s public lands – an attempt to strip away, bit by bit, the government’s ability to safeguard parks and public lands from private development. But now, they’ve taken it … Continue reading

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water crises

Last year, news broke that Nestlé, the largest bottled water producer in the world, had been extracting water from the drought-stricken San Bernardino National Forest on a permit that was supposed to expire in 1988 — and hadn’t been re-evaluated … Continue reading

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Most unusually warm

Update, March 12, 2016: Data released Saturday from NASA confim that February 2016 was not only the most unusually warm month ever measured globally, at 1.35 degrees Celsius above the long-term average—it was more than 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than … Continue reading

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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

A trade association that represents the world’s largest Web companies, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Uber just endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.) It’s hard to see this as anything but betrayal. Tech experts from every major advocacy group working … Continue reading

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Court Orders Act of 2016 (CCOA)

“This draft bill is the most ludicrous, dangerous, technically illiterate tech policy proposal of the 21st century so far.” – Kevin Bankston, director of New America’s Open Technology Institute.1 Last week, privacy advocates and security experts widely denounced draft encryption … Continue reading

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bee-killing pesticides

EPA restricts use of bee-killing pesticides. Now it needs to ban them entirely. Sign the petition to the Environmental Protection Agency: “Thank you for restricting new and expanded uses of neonicotinoid pesticides. Take the next step and do what is … Continue reading

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anti-GMO salmon petition

The company creating the first-ever genetically modified salmon for human consumption, AquaBounty, has repeatedly violated environmental regulations, but the FDA is still considering approval of the company’s dangerous GMO salmon. I just signed an important petition urging the FDA to … Continue reading

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