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one romantic episode

Published on May 13, 2012 The extraordinary story of how in 1914 the self-taught maths genius SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN was brought from Madras to Trinity College, Cambridge, by the great English pure mathematician GH Hardy, who called their relationship ‘the one … Continue reading

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Common Core Math

Published on Apr 14, 2013 Presented by Joy Pullmann Managing Editor of School Reform News and an Education Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute

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Geoengineering, geological engineering, engineering geology, or geotechnical engineering deals with the discovery, development, and production and use of subsurface earth resources, as well as the design and construction of earth works. Geoengineering is the application of geosciences, where mechanics, mathematics, … Continue reading

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Math is Really Weird: On Strange Sums and Counterintuitive Results

Originally posted on Boxing Pythagoras:
Whenever you add a finite integer to another finite integer, you always get a sum which is, itself, a finite integer. This, by itself, is not very shocking. When you add 1 to 1, you…

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Teaching mathematics

Check out this video (8 mins) for a nice summary of why showing people how to solve problems or make judgements simply does not work. For another reference, see this article about similar work at Harvard University in the 1990s.Going back to … Continue reading

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learning expectations

Some time ago, when I started as a Professor I was teaching a remedial class on mathematics for IT on a Master’s class at a prestigious university, at the end of one the sessions on of the students approached me … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra

The Woo of Creation: My evening with Deepak Chopra Michael Shermer On Thursday, March 31, Deepak Chopra and I squared off for a second time in person in a public venue, this time accompanied by the physicist Leonard Mlodinow on … Continue reading

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Bertrand Russell on Logical Analysis

This is an audiobook recording of the concluding chapter to Bertrand Russell’s “History of Western Philosophy” (1945). It’s a short introduction to the analytic philosophical movement championed by Russell in the early 20th century. Narrated by Geoffrey Sherman. A philosophy … Continue reading

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so very german


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