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police militarization

James W. Law Enforcement Executive and Trainer

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Yet another case of police vs teen

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Texas police excessive force against teenagers

There has been a spate of events where police in Texas overplays the use of force against upper-class non-white teenagers. Most recently, Mohamed, a 14 year old freshman at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, was taken into police custody … Continue reading

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suicide by cop

Individuals shot while holding knives are often seen as trying to commit suicide by cop and cops too often oblige. Police are not mental health experts, but they are tasked with public safety. Is killing suicidal, distressed, or disoriented individuals … Continue reading

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The circumcellions or Agonisticis[1] (as called by Donatists) were bands of berbers considered as heretical[2] Christian extremists in North Africa in the early- to mid-4th century.[3] They preferred to be known as agonistici (“fighters (for Christ)”).[3] They were initially concerned with remedying social grievances, but they became linked with the Donatist sect.[3] They condemned property and … Continue reading

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