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learning expectations

Some time ago, when I started as a Professor I was teaching a remedial class on mathematics for IT on a Master’s class at a prestigious university, at the end of one the sessions on of the students approached me … Continue reading

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http://www.codechef.com is a non-commercial, multi-platform online coding competition, featuring monthly contests in more than 35 different programming languages. CodeChef was created by Directi  to provide a platform for practice, competition and improvement as well as enable developers to benchmark their … Continue reading

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Popular computing

I am interested in High-performance computing exploration and research, comparison of algorithms and platforms and tools. Example applications are optimization algorithms are Monte Carlo Simulations of Lattice QCD.

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The Nature of Lisp

  Taken from http://www.defmacro.org/ramblings/lisp.html#note-blaise

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google talk

Peter Seibel ABSTRACT In the late 1920’s linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf hypothesized that … all » the thoughts we can think are largely determined by the language we speak. In his essay “Beating the Averages” Paul Graham echoed this notion … Continue reading

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classmethod python

classmethod(function) Returns a class method for function. A class method receives the class as implicit first argument, just like an instance method receives the instance. To declare a class method, use this idiom: class C: @classmethod def f(cls, arg1, arg2, … Continue reading

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Python Generator Tricks

By Pramode C.E. The Python programming language’s support for generators is described in PEP 255. This article demonstrates a few simple programs which make use of this feature to do some fun stuff like filtering out prime numbers, representing an … Continue reading

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Weak reference

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In computer programming, a weak reference is a reference that does not protect the referent object from collection by a garbage collector. An object referenced only by weak references is considered unreachable (or “weakly reachable”) … Continue reading

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and or python

4.6. The Peculiar Nature of and and or   4.6.1. Using the and-or Trick In Python, and and or perform boolean logic as you would expect, but they do not return boolean values; instead, they return one of the actual … Continue reading

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PHP 4 out of support

End of the Line for PHP 4 CNet (07/16/07) Shankland, Stephen

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