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Richard Stallman: We’re heading for a total disaster

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protecting the status quo

The four big software vendors — Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP — have hidden motives that customers need to understand, otherwise they might be pushed into buying products and services that don’t fit their needs. That’s the takeaway from a … Continue reading

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Popular computing

I am interested in High-performance computing exploration and research, comparison of algorithms and platforms and tools. Example applications are optimization algorithms are Monte Carlo Simulations of Lattice QCD.

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Linux Tracking

I am “smolten” with Linux! Jack Wallen: “Linux isn’t sold generally. The majority of Linux users download a copy or get a copy burned from a friend or pick up their copy from the local LUG. You can’t really count … Continue reading

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Web 2.0

Is RSS the Best of Web 2.0? RSS is the most valuable Web 2.0 application, a survey says. Social network and blog proponents may feel differently. Full Article

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and or python

4.6. The Peculiar Nature of and and or   4.6.1. Using the and-or Trick In Python, and and or perform boolean logic as you would expect, but they do not return boolean values; instead, they return one of the actual … Continue reading

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Online Office

Can tiny Zoho beat Microsoft and Google in online office apps? Google recently admitted that it is competing with Microsoft Office, but the biggest threat to Microsoft Office may be from tiny startup Zoho, which has an online office suite … Continue reading

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Security News

Network World Daily News: AM, 07/16/07

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SWI-Prolog offers a comprehensive Free Software Prolog environment, licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License. Together with its graphics toolkit XPCE, its development started in 1987 and has been driven by the needs for real-world applications.

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Good ideas pave the road to hell

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