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Meet the cheapest laptop in the world

Matthew Elliott 27 comments From credit card debt and school loans to rising gas prices and adjustable mortgages, there are plenty of reasons why consumers in the developed world can’t afford a laptop. Not to mention the fact that underfunded … Continue reading

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IBM tells employees to behave in Second Life

Big Blue guidelines say don’t discriminate, harass or use inappropriate avatars By Jon Brodkin, Network World, 07/27/07  

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The Nature of Lisp

  Taken from

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chicken brains

Wary diners ask: Is fish from China? After the FDA voices safety concerns about certain Chinese exports, some Americans are beginning to look more closely at restaurant selections. By Ron Scherer | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor from … Continue reading

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language and tought

Many psychological experiments concern the means by which the brain processes, stores, and recalls information. Some studies[citation needed] concerning the storage of linguistic utterances (e.g. when listening to someone speak, or when reading a book) suggest that in most cases … Continue reading

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google talk

Peter Seibel ABSTRACT In the late 1920’s linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf hypothesized that … all » the thoughts we can think are largely determined by the language we speak. In his essay “Beating the Averages” Paul Graham echoed this notion … Continue reading

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classmethod python

classmethod(function) Returns a class method for function. A class method receives the class as implicit first argument, just like an instance method receives the instance. To declare a class method, use this idiom: class C: @classmethod def f(cls, arg1, arg2, … Continue reading

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Python Generator Tricks

By Pramode C.E. The Python programming language’s support for generators is described in PEP 255. This article demonstrates a few simple programs which make use of this feature to do some fun stuff like filtering out prime numbers, representing an … Continue reading

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Finding the found

Spotting Bias In The News From The Bush Administration. A Really Really Serious Skill… Ric. Spam? Tags: iraq, Terrorism, War, Bush, Pentagon, Guantanamo, West Point, enemy combatants, I F Stone Seldom do you come across a story with such blatant … Continue reading

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1. Amended Standards Policy Prevents Patent Stranglehold In a restatement of its policy, the IEEE Standards Association now requires that members of IEEE standards development projects reveal any knowledge they have of patents they or their employer hold on intellectual … Continue reading

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