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My grandfather Justino was the Benjamin of a long list of siblings. The older ones were more surrogate parents than brothers and sisters. The records show that he was born in Cameron County, Texas, in 1897, however the family folklore says he falsified the records to enlist for World War I when he was a minor. Justino grew up in San Benito, a typical Texas town of the beginning of the twentieth century, where the railroad tracks marked the segregation boundary, on one side was San Benito, for Texans and Mexicans, and on the other, was Harlingen, for the new conquerors.

Grandpa’s family had been in Texas for over two hundred years and they were Mexican in the sense that Texas was once part of Mexico. My grandfather would refer to himself as Texan, without qualifications, to Mexican migrants as “pelones” and to the invaders as “gabachos.” Continue reading

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A European Settler State

I was born and raised in a European settler State. When I was a child,  ethnic cleansing seemed normal and even heroic and just. I grew watching Westerns where cowardly savages killed women and children but when fought by a … Continue reading

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a story

the world will be a much better place when we all have some reverence for our food

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Parental rights and religious freedom

When I lived in TN a girl, about 10, was diagnosed with leukemia. The parents stop treatment on religious grounds. The hospital sued them to keep the treatment. Jerry Falwell paid for lawyers to defend the freedom of the parents … Continue reading

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the death of a laptop

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Parents back corporal punishment in schools

  By Richard Garner, Education Editor Friday, 16 September 2011 Related articles Pupils learn to write computer programs Search the news archive for more stories Half the nation’s parents would like to see a return to corporal punishment in schools, … Continue reading

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Homeless Golden Voice

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Who’s your friend?

Domino’s delivery driver comes to the rescue of elderly daily customer By Brett Michael Dyke Every day for the past three years, 82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis has ordered a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes from a local … Continue reading

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