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The London Times in 1936

I take it you already know Of tough and bough and cough and dough? Others may stumble, but not you, On hiccough, thorough, lough, and through? Well done! And now you wish, perhaps, To learn of less familiar traps? Beware … Continue reading

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Do Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand?

Animal experts will tell you that this belief that ostriches bury their heads in the sand to avoid predators is nothing more than a myth. After all, if an ostrich buried its head in the sand, it would soon die … Continue reading

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Look refugees in the eye

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Friday, June 10, 2016 Two North African asylum seekers have been charged with arson in Germany after they allegedly set fire to a shelter in the western city of Duesseldorf. German investigators … Continue reading

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“If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me.” (A U.S. Congressman to Dr. David Edwards, head of the Joint National Committee on Language, about the necessity of a modern commercial nation to be multi-lingual.) Art. … Continue reading

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Climate change opinion

The Second National Risk and Culture Study: Making Sense of – and Making Progress In – The American Culture War of Fact When we reflect on controversial policy positions—“the death penalty doesn’t deter murder”; “climate change is a natural, cyclical … Continue reading

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Ophelia is a fictional character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. She is a young noblewoman of Denmark, the daughter of Polonius, sister of Laertes, and potential wife of Prince Hamlet. She is one of the few female characters … Continue reading

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A siege

A siege is a military blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by attrition or assault. The term derives from sedere,Latin for “to sit”.[1] Siege warfare is a form of constant, low-intensity conflict characterized by one … Continue reading

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Culture of the United States

Colin Woodard, in his book American Nations,[11] claims an existence of eleven rival regional cultures in North America, based on the cultural characteristics of the original settlers of these regions. These regions are: Yankeedom, New Netherland, The Midlands, Tidewater, Greater Appalachia, The … Continue reading

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A leitmotif /ˌlaɪtmoʊˈtiːf/ is a “short, constantly recurring musical phrase“[1] associated with a particular person, place, or idea. It is closely related to the musical concepts of idée fixe or motto-theme.[2] The term itself is an anglicization of the GermanLeitmotiv, literally meaning “leading motif”, or perhaps more accurately, “guiding … Continue reading

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Etymology From Italian dilettante, prop. present participle of dilettare (“to delight”), from Latin delectare (“to delight”). Pronunciation (UK) IPA(key): /dɪləˈtɒnt/ (US) IPA(key): /ˈdɪlətənt/ Noun dilettante (plural dilettanti or dilettantes) An amateur, someone who dabbles in a field out of casual interest rather than as a profession or serious interest. (sometimes offensive) A person with a general but superficial interest in any art … Continue reading

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