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learning expectations

Some time ago, when I started as a Professor I was teaching a remedial class on mathematics for IT on a Master’s class at a prestigious university, at the end of one the sessions on of the students approached me … Continue reading

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group safety

it’s smarter to travel in groups

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Regrets – Reminders of What Could Have Been

When I look back into my life I see a shadow of what happened and sometimes I wonder of what could have been. With hindsight, it feels like one should have known all along the results of our actions. If … Continue reading

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postmodern contradiction

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now and then

Published on Jul 28, 2013 Follow Michael Stevens for MORE: LINKS AND SOURCES BELOW When was I conceived? Another conception calculator if the above link is down: (you can also Google “conception calculator” and find a bunch) Birthday star calculator:… … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Humanist, Because I’m a Feminist

Originally posted on MySurmise:
The more and more I hear stories of people being afraid of feminism and hiding from the term, I feel more and more sad that the definition of and need for feminism is being questioned. Recently,…

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Uploaded on Nov 6, 2009 Human beings are a particular type of mammal. In this compelling clip, we see a tribesman runner pursue his prey through the most harsh conditions in a gruelling eight hour chase. Thought provoking content from … Continue reading

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A fox tale

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How to ace that job interview

Everyone wants to make a good impression during a job interview. If you’re lucky enough to have a real job interview, rather than a three-minute telephone “interview” with an indifferent recruitment agent, then these tips are for you Wear a … Continue reading

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