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Kongōrikishi (金剛力士) or Niō (仁王) are two wrath-filled and muscular guardians of the Buddha, standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples all across Asia including China, Japan and Korea in the form of frightening wrestler-like statues. They are manifestations of the BodhisattvaVajrapāṇi protector deity and the oldest and most … Continue reading

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The Successful Interview

10 Things You Must Do Before That Successful Interview You’ve worked hard to get here. You’ve sent out 31 resumes, networked, attended job fairs, enrolled in school for more education – you’ve taken all the right steps. Then, one afternoon … Continue reading

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New Age

Instrucción Pastoral de mons. Norberto Rivera, Arzobispo de México, Autor: Mons. Norberto Rivera Introducción Se acerca el fin del milenio y, con él, la celebración del gran jubileo de dos mil años de la Revelación viva y definitiva de Dios … Continue reading

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Goofing around after an aikido class.

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The Millennial Generation’s Attitude Many researchers, including the Pew Research Center in a 2010 report, have examined the Millennials’ attitudes and opinions across a spectrum of issues. Most show evidence of a generation that is highly educated, self-confident, technologically savvy … Continue reading

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Published on Nov 19, 2012 edX’s mission is to educate the world and revolutionize the way people learn. We are building a global community of learners, and community colleges are an important part of our vision, using a blended classroom … Continue reading

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um polvo infeliz

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por Alfredo Cuervo Barrero ¿Qué es lo verdaderamente importante?,busco en mi interior la respuesta,y me es tan difícil de encontrar. Falsas ideas invaden mi mente,acostumbrada a enmascarar lo que no entiende,aturdida en un mundo de irreales ilusiones,donde la vanidad, el … Continue reading

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